Multifunction 8 in 1 Digital Infrared Thermometer - For Adult and Baby


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Key Features/Benefits:

  • 100% Brand New 8-in-1 Functions Thermometer
  • Units switches between °C and °F
  • Fast and accurate temperature measurement via human canal
  • Fast and accurate measurement to obtain correct result instantly (about one second)
  • Suitable for both infants and adults
  • It is durable advanced infrared technology, use the probe head without times limitation.
  • Easy to clean, just use moist cotton to clean the probe
  • Operate with one button, very simple to use.
  • Every time using, the last temperature would be shown.
  • 3-color backlight:green(32.0-37.9 degree ),orange(38.0-38.4 degree ), red(38.5-42.9 degree), easy to read.
  • A different beep sound would be made when a fever happen.

How to set functions:There are functions that can measure the body and object temprature,you can measure the body temprature directly without any settings.If you want to measure the object temprature,please open the back cover on the battery,then you can see a black button,please start the thermometer first,then press the black botton continuously to "F-2",then press the blue key to "face",then press the black button again,you can mesure the object and air temprature now.To set it back to mesure the body temprature:press the black botton continuously to "F-2",then press the blue key to "body",then press the black button again,you can mesure body temprature now. 


  1. Net Weight: 50g
  2. Gross weight:190g
  3. Dimensions: approx.11.4 x 3.4 x 2.6cm
  4. Resolution: 0.1°C/0.1°F
  5. Reading band: 32.0°C-42.9°C(89.6°F-109.2°F)
  6. Ambient temperature scope: 0°C-40.0°C(32.0°F-104.0°F)
  7. Operating conditions: 10.0°C-40.0°C(50.0°F-104.0°F),Rh?95%
  8. Battery: 1 x 3V CR2032 Lithium button battery
  9. Package Content:
  10. 1 x Retail Box
  11. 1 x Infrared Thermometer
  12. 1 x Stand
  13. 1 x English  Manual
  14. 1 x Battery(Set 1)  or 2 x Battery(Set 2)

How to use:

Press the main button for one second consecutively and all symbols will be displayed on the LCD.
Then the last temperature taken will be showed on the display for 2 seconds.
After that, LCD will display"---"and the buzzer will keep for one time. The product is now ready to take a new measurement, and "°C or °F" will blink on the display.
The thermometer can be shut down automatically.


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